High School

Emerald Christian Academy is accredited by two associations: the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, a member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation. The school is also registered with the State of Oregon.

The 9th and 10th grade curriculum is alternated every other year

Curriculum for Grade 9 – 10 (odd years)
Bible 9 10 Semester Periods
English 9 10 Semester Periods
Algebra 10 Semester Periods
Physical Science 10 Semester Periods
Computer Applications 5 Semester Periods
Keyboarding 5 Semester Periods
Health 5 Semester Periods
Physical Education 5 Semester Periods
Band or Choir (elective) 5 Semester Periods
Electives 10 Semester Periods

Curriculum for Grade 9 – 10 (even years)
Bible 10 Semester Periods
English 10 Semester Periods
Geometry 10 Semester Periods
Biology 10 Semester Periods
World History 10 Semester Periods
Essential Living Skills 5 Semester Periods
Physical Education 5 Semester Periods
Band or Choir (elective) 5 Semester Periods
Electives 5 Semester Periods

A full load for 9th and 10th graders is 70 semester periods. Five semester periods of credit are given for a class that meets five periods per week for one semester or its equivalent. All 9th and 10th grade students will be expected to take the full load as outlined above.

Bible Classes

Bible is taught at all grade levels through age-appropriate curriculum. ECA’s curriculum has been developed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is Bible-focused and Christ-centered.

Students in the primary grades learn character-building lessons from the stories of the Bible. Scripture memorization is a part of the learning. Bible classes for students in the middle and upper grades are more issues focused. Students are invited to see Jesus as a loving Friend and an important part of their daily life.

It is the goal of ECA staff members that every student make a decision to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Parents are encouraged to come to the school and study the Bible curriculum. It is vital that parents understand and can support their child’s religious education.

Additional Courses and Activities

Associated Student Body, Yearbook, Bible Camp, Spanish, Mission Trip, Home Economics, and Field Trips

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